Andy’s Shuttle

Andy’s shuttle system escorts students from campus to neighborhoods around the city, to help students get home safely. This is a great resource for students living off campus, but for a first-time user, this system is filled with pit-falls. This re-design of the digital and physical environment of Andy’s Shuttle system aims to seamlessly lead students from door-to-door.

Designing the System

To understand the shuttle system took some “deep hanging out” in the system. The obvious cracks of the system are the confusing app interface, limited direction for first-timers, and the “un-spoken rules”. My proposed solution offers three main features to overcome these hurtles. First, a student shuttle account linked with the student’s university account that helps Andy’s Shuttle direct the student to the nearest shuttle stop and deliver them to the student’s neighborhood. Next, a seamless guidance from a desktop view to the mobile navigation that guides the user to the shuttle stop. Finally, allowing the shuttle driver to immediately view the destination stored by the shuttle account, when the student swipes their student ID. In the diagram (above) I ensured that their would be multiple paths a user could take to accomplish the task of tracking their shuttle, finding the stop, and riding the shuttle home.

For a full walk-through of the system, visit this video.

Design Approach