Design Approach

My interest in design is understood through an exploration and intervention into the systems that make up our lives. In order to make a meaningful impression on the human component, the design of the system as a whole is crucial. These systems could be anything from a cultural or psychological system, to a branding or service system. Regardless, design is the tool with which I have been able to identify meaningful touch-points, and develop interventions to solve problems. This approach to design has been encouraged by my growing up abroad, in China. Exposure to completely foreign organization of culture, interactions, and behavior has inspired a sensitivity to how people navigate the systems of their every day life. An example of how this is reflected in my own work is a money-management project, Genie. To design a meaningful intervention into the habits of money-management, I had to identify the culture of my audience, college students. Understanding the human component guides the areas of intervention I choose and the language of my design.

I also enjoy the making process as a way of expanding my visual vocabulary. Play presents explorations in print-making, illustration, and other mediums.

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