Whether you are a college student, or just moving to a new city Roomie is the platform for users to find the perfect roommate. As a start-up, Roomie had not yet discovered how their identity could be visually translated. I worked with Roomie to flesh out their mission, goals and direction, and then began developing a branding system that reflects their wonderful product. I designed a word mark, logo, and promotional brochure for Roomie.

Discovering the Identity

To accurately reflect Roomie’s visual identity, I needed to identify their goals and target audience. This product primarily aims for young adults in education, or professionals beginning their careers. The visual identity had to be friendly and approachable enough to establish trust. Yet, a level of professional sincerity was necessary because of the sensitive nature of the business. The key I designed for the icon symbolizes unlocking the door to your next step with this new roommate.


Design Approach