Watch the full Apollo day Video on Youtube.

Apollo is Palantir’s SaaS platform for building, continuously deploying, and managing software in a diverse set of environments. Palantir’s Apollo Demo Day was one of the first publications of the platform capabilities highlighting the core value offering of Apollo.

The Challenge

As the first designer to work on the public Apollo platform, I was challenged to help design the core workflows and interactive primitives for the platform. To produce this video, I helped synthesize the narrative around the system’s value and how we might demonstrate this in a workflow story.

The workflow demonstrated is releasing and remediating a new version of software. Users should be able to easily answer the question ‘What is the status of my software release?’ and ‘Are there any issues with my release?’ in this workflow. For this reason, the design of the interface uses a combination of visual indicators to signal the operator the status and necessary actions. The release channel progress chain, the activity feed, and the installation map of environments, each provide a different angle on the status of an installation.

Design Approach